Easaway Environmental Case Studies

Welcome to Easaway Environmental Case Studies page. Here you will find the latest case studies based on our recent projects in Drainage, Plumbing, Void Cleaning, Septic Tank Service and pest Control in Yorkshire.

Drainage for Wistow church

Recently we have been out to attend a job at Wistow Church in Selby on behalf of Wistow All Saints Heritage. The cause for concern was that the outer brick work of the church is starting to move causing the large bricks to bow outwards. Originally, it was proposed that the defective brick work was due to under floor drainage systems not working correctly and therefore causing pressure on the brickwork. Upon digging out the area to have a good look, the engineers could see that the defective brick work was down to the age of the building and just simply that it needed some maintenance. We then went on to check the drainage systems underground to see if they required any works completing on them. For this dig were done to get to the man holes, when the man holes were lifted the Easaway team were able to get the specialist kit out!

Out came the jetting machine and the CCTV camera unit. Every single man hole in the church yard had a jet and CCTV camera survey done, the engineers found a lot of blockages and some broken pipe work due to the fact that the church had never had its drains cared for since the drainage infrastructure was originally laid down.. Considering that some elements of the church can be dated back to 1213 it is safe to say that this building is old! Easaway are proud to be a part of maintain the heritage of a grade one listed building that could be considered to be the heart of Wistow where many local people spend their time.

Void Cleaning for Yorkshire Housing

Recently we did a full void property house clean and needle sweep on a property in connection with Yorkshire Housing, the property was fully boarded up and had been without a tenant for quite some time. Easaway were called in to completely clear the house of all the waste that the previous tenant had left behind including a multitude of old toys, damaged kitchen appliances and lots of garden waste.

Two days later and multiple large skips later, Easaway cleans had completely cleared and cleaned the property leaving it ready to be decorated for a new tenant to move into.

Leeds City Council – Refuse Chute Repair and Maintenance


Leeds City Council is a provider of rented accommodation within the Leeds area. As an organisation Leeds City Council provide hi-rise dwellings for 10,000 residents. The Council had experienced a number of incidents which resulted in its residential refuse chutes in blocks of flats becoming blocked and damaged leaving its residents unable to dispose of their rubbish. One block of residential flats in a 16 storey dwelling suffered such a failure. Over the years the chute had become damaged and worn to the extent that it was not financially viable to carry on with routine maintenance.

The Challenge

  • Most bin chutes are over 50 years old
  • Ageing equipment
  • Regular breakdown of service to residents
  • Emergency repair service not available
  • Access to bin chutes in hi-rise dwellings are difficult to maintain and service due to the structure of the premises and lack of access through design
  • Chute walls become damaged and suffer ruts due to constant wear and earlier attempts to clear them
  • Relining is sometime the only option rather than repair.
Stack Cleaning in Leeds tower block
Stack Cleaning Overflow in high rise building
Poorly maintained stack overflow
stack overflow repairs and maintenance


Leeds City Council determined that as part of its maintenance continuity plan, new maintainable chutes for hi-rise dwellings would be required as a cost effective future proof solution based over the remaining life span of their properties. The council had to maintain service with minimal downtime whilst also improving its customer service. This would require the replacing current chutes with modern more durable materials whilst at the same time creating easier maintenance access points utilising a local company would could maintain and act on emergency call outs within and hour. A consideration of the project which was at the forefront of the councils brief was to engage a company and product solution that encompassed all the latest safety legislation in its construction, implementation and integrity. Easaway Environmental, which operates throughout the Yorkshire region and has offices in Leeds and Selby, worked with Leeds City Council to develop a chute solution and provide a managed service capable of delivering continuity of service.


Before the repair was carried out Easaway Environmental teams completed a full jet wash of the chute to sanitize followed by a CCTV Survey and report supplied to the client highlighting the full extent of the repair required.

Easaway engineers improved the chute by used a technique whereby they had to work from the roof of the flats to gain access to the chute wall; sections of the wall have been replaced with a complete new sleeve of robust pipe 400mm wide, laid in situ with fire retardant Chemical resin and cement. The chute was 30 meters in depth and took the Engineers a full day to complete.

“There is a need clear and maintain bin chutes, by not addressing the issues, problems can lead to a range of hazards, including fires which can be severe. Chutes can act as a furnace, causing very high temperatures and generating a lot of smoke. At worst, chute fires have in the past caused severe injuries and fatalities”