Health and Safety is Paramount

Ensuring a safe working environment for our staff, customers & suppliers.

Easaway Environmental is committed to ensuring that its Yorkshire drainage services staff are fully trained for the duties they carry out and Risk Assessments and Method Statements are done for each working area both internally and externally.

All Easaway Environmental employees have access to the Health and Safety Manual and are equipped with any specialist personal protective equipment they require to carry out their drainage services work. All new staff recruited into the business are taken through the contents of the health and safety policy and made aware of the specific parts are applicable to the work they carry out. Furthermore, if Easaway make any changes to the Health & Safety policy, all existing staff are briefed on the change including how that change might apply to their individual roles.

Easaway Environmental regularly monitors the suppliers they use for all drainage services. Various Health and Safety accreditation’s have been gained that have strict qualifying procedures set out.

Easaway Environmental employs a Health and Safety Consultant in Yorkshire to keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry standard regulations.

Please click here to view our health & safety policy.