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Step by step guide to unclogging a shower drain:

1. Get the right tools

Shower blockages are usually no more than a simple clogged shower drain. Hair and soap deposits in the trap and solidify after a couple of week, regular emptying and cleaning the trap will stop your shower from blocking, flooding and further shower drain clog.

All modern showers today come with a removal trap that can be easily emptied by the home owner.

Follow these simple steps to cure the blockage:

Before you get started, you’ll need:

  • A flat ended screw driver to leverage the trap lid or screw out the grate.
  • protective glasses and gloves
  • some baking soda
  • some white vinegar
  • some bleach

2. Start with the trap

Put on your gloves and glasses, and then carefully leverage or screw off the trap lid gently.

Now look inside the trap, you will see a small basket that can be lifted out, lift out the basket, be careful because this can be full of hair and solidified soap. Empty the debris down the toilet or into a plastic bucket if you prefer. Wash the trap under a hot tap using a general cleaning solution or homemade drain cleaner such as vinegar and baking soda.

3. Now put down into the drain the baking soda and white vinegar

Pour a cup of the white vinegar and a sprinkling of baking soda down the trap / plug hole. You should be able to see or hear the mixture start to bubble away, hopefully breaking down some of the debris that’s causing your blocked shower drain.

4. Rinse through with warm water

If the baking soda and vinegar seem to have cleared the blockage, use your shower head to gently flush the mixture through the drain with some warm water.

5. Add bleach with care

Alternatively, you can pour a small amount of bleach down the plughole to try and clear the blockage, being careful to follow the instructions on the bottle. Don’t try using any heavy chemicals, such as caustic soda – the residue from these kinds of products can hang around in your drain for hours and can be dangerous!

6. Flush the bleach through

When it looks like the bleach has cleared the blockage, use the shower head or bath taps to rinse it down the drain with some warm water. Replace the trap and the trap lid, you should now have a clean shower drain!

7. You must avoid using a plunge at this stage

If the bleach or the baking soda and vinegar haven’t done the trick, try to resist bringing out the plunger. While a plunger if affective and useful when treating other plumbing problems, it’s not a good idea to use a plunger on a blocked shower drain when you can’t see all of the waste pipe you can cause further damage and leaks.

When should you call us the professionals

You have tried everything to ensure your shower drains properly, yet still they’re completely clogged? Now’s the time to get Easaway the professionals in! Attempting to carry out your own plumbing work after repeated tries is likely to damage your drainage system, which will ultimately cost you more money.

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