Bio Hazard and Hypodermic Needle Clearance

Easaway Environmental provide hypodermic needle disposal throughout Yorkshire and can also remove contaminated objects in Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and Wakefield.

Easaway Environmental provide a range of cleaning services for hospitals, environmental authorities and other institutions that regularly require the disposal, deep cleaning and the clean-up of dangerous and contaminated objects and chemicals.

Needles can be found in a variety of areas including:

Void Properties and Squats

Hypodermic Needle Disposal

Public Houses

Occupied and Disused Buildings

Accident Scenes

Public areas (car parks, playgrounds, stations etc.)

Drainage Systems


We will initially carry out a full risk assessment of the area in order to identify any potential risks that may affect the cleaning of the area.

Using suitable protective clothing and equipment, Easaway Cleaning will ensure the area is made safe and our highly trained staff will dispose of potentially dangerous objects and chemicals as quickly and efficiently as possible, meeting all current legislation.

Common biohazardous waste types that we deal with include needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia that may carry harmful disease including HIV and hepatitis. Easaway Cleaning place all needles into sharp boxes and dispose of in accordance with environmental standards. All areas are de-contaminated enabling employees to work in a safe environment, children to play in a safe place and the general public not to have the worry of the damage these items can cause.


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