Culvert Cleaning

A culvert is a type of external drain line which is used for channelling waste and water; they are usually situated under pathways, roads embankments and railways and allow for excessive water to drain away. 

They require regular maintenance, particularly after heavy rainfall, as they become easily blocked with naturally occurring debris such as mud, leaves, branches etc.

Easaway Environmental recommend regular checks on culverts on your property to make sure they are they are not showing any signs of becoming dysfunctional. Checks should include looking out for: erosion sags, blockages, sediment build up, and joint separations.

Not only do Easaway Environmental offer one off culvert clearing but also offer regular culvert clearing on a strategic

strategic maintenance program to domestic homes and commercial customers within Yorkshire. Easaway Environmental has a dedicated team of fully trained operatives who will carry out culvert cleaning using specialised cleaning and investigative equipment, we will clear and repair the culvert as necessary to make sure it is in good working order.

We are able to clear your culvert on a regular basis meaning that regular checks are being made and potential blockages or damage to the culvert is avoided.

If you would like further information on our commercial pre-planned maintenance for culverts or any other services which we offer, please click here.