Water Main Replacement

Water Main Replacement Services:

Our replacement water main will run from the property boundary up to the connection inside your house.  This will provide you with a continuous, seamless supply of superior durability and with none of the risk of lead contamination. We will provide a complete service that takes you effortlessly through the installation process. Our replacement service consists of site risk assessment, installation, reinstatement and connection.  Upon completion Easaway Environmental will sign off the work. Easaway Environmental continues to be at the forefront of technology for replacement supply pipes and we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

The benefits of your new water supply:

At Easaway Environmental our specialist engineers utilise the latest listening devices and leak detection equipment to accurately pinpoint leaks and efficiently locate water supply pipes so that the necessary repairs can be carried out promptly and effectively.

  • Optimum water flow
  • Save money
  • Superior drinking water

  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Save energy
  • Durable MDPE pipe work

It is important to recognise however that certain leaks cannot be located with leak detection alone and it may be necessary to excavate. It is far more difficult for example, to identify the sound of a leak from a plastic supply pipe as opposed to the noise that emanates from metal base pipes and in some instances excavation work may be carried out to shorten the length of the pipe being investigated.

If a leak is inaccessible and our engineers suspect that it is under a building we may recommend installing a replacement water supply pipe to avoid the possibility of leaks in the future.


Point Repair Service

Easaway Environmental provide the ideal solution to your water supply issues.  Our Supply Pipe Repair service is efficient and offers effective, localised repairs to your burst supply pipe. If you suspect a leak in your water system the first step is Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing.  Using the latest leak detection equipment and listening devices our qualified and experienced engineers accurately pinpoint any leaks so the necessary repairs can be completed promptly

Common Supply Pipe

Common supply pipe system is one that carries drinking water from the mains to two or more properties using a single stop tap. This effectively means that you share the supply pipe that branches off the mains with your neighbours. This is typical for terraced and older properties although some semi –detached houses have this system.

These supply pipes are usually made of lead or iron and are often too small in diameter to meet the needs of modern kitchens and bathroom or indeed combination boilers. If you have this type of system you may notice that you have poor water pressure and inadequate water flow and this will be intensified at peak times when your neighbours are using the water.

How to identify if your supply pipe is shared

Attempt to locate your external stop tap. If you have a water meter that corresponds to your bill you may have a separate supply.

With permission from your neighbours isolate the stop tap and see how many properties it affects.

If your stop tap is outside or within the boundary of a neighbouring property you may have a shared supply.

If you are unable to locate a stop tap or it is inoperable we recommend that you contact your local water authority.

If your investigation identifies that your supply pipe is common (Shared) then we highly recommend that you consider having an independent service pipe installed. It is likely you will be experiencing difficulties in the home as a consequence of your common supply system however Pipeline Services can provide the solution. If you would like to discuss our common supply replacement service or would like a free quotation then please get in touch.