CCTV Drain Inspections

Easaway Environmental are experts in CCTV inspections and drain tracing in Yorkshire, operatives use the technique of CCTV inspection if there is a drainage issue such as a blockage which can’t immediately be seen but is suspected. We are able to insert the small camera device into a drain line to see what the cause is which means we do not have to dig to find the cause; we can simply find the cause and take appropriate action from there.

Even with the smallest drainage problems in Yorkshire, CCTV cameras can establish the condition of a drain, find areas of root penetrations which may need root cutting and discover any bad joints or structural defects that might require a drain repair such as a path lines and relines or drain maintenance work.

Once a CCTV survey has been carried out a full written report is made on the problem. The report includes; colour photographs, description of defects, depths and measurements as well as recommendations for drain repairs. This is all provided to the customer along with the video or CD evidence of the issue.

Easaway Environmental’s local drainage engineers in Yorkshire are highly skilled and trained not only to preform professional CCTV surveys, but also to cope with all drainage problems that are commonly found as a result of CCTV findings such as blockages, root intrusion and drain defects.

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