Root Cutting

Easaway Environmental have been maintaining drains in the Yorkshire area for over 15 years, root cutting is just one of the many services that is offered. The Easaway team are available throughout Yorkshire on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis to attend to your home or business to rectify drainage problems that are caused by tree roots. We have specific tools to be able to carry out root cutting rapidly to get your property back on track as soon as possible.

If a drain has been penetrated by tree roots, over time it will become completely blocked and will cause waste to back up internally through toilets and sinks. This will result in blocked sinks and blocked toilets as well as other water outlets and inlets throughout the property. Not only is this inconvenient, it can also become very costly if it is not remedied fast and damage can be caused on properties around the affected area. The Easaway team are fully qualified and trained to be able to carry out root cutting down drain lines in the Yorkshire region.

Easaway Environmental operatives will use specialist root cutting tools combined with high pressure water jetting to clear a root problem in drainage systems; once the issue has been rectified the drain will be able to run well again.

In addition to this, Easaway Environmental operatives are able to carry out drain repairs if CCTV survey technology reveals that the intrusive roots have caused significant damage such as large blockages, displacements and penetrations to the drain lines. Patchlines, Relines, excavations and other drain repair methods are also options if the drain line is found to be severely damaged as a result of root intrusions.

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