High Pressure Water Jetting

Easaway Environmental are experts in high pressure water jetting in Yorkshire

High pressure water jetting is one of the most commonly used techniques used to get rid of those troublesome blockages with in your properties’ pipe work. The use of a high pressure water jetting systems can result in a quickly rectified situation which means your house hold or business can get back on track quickly without the fuss.

The Easaway team are fully equipped and trained to use jetting techniques on drainage systems with the use of high spec jet pack mounted on vans or even a large tanker wagon which is not only able to jet but also able to suck unwanted debris from the area.

High pressure water jetting is a fast and effective way of unblocking drain line, unblocking a blocked gully or simply unblocking a manhole which is overflowing with waste. It works by forcing water at a high pressure towards the blockage and helps to move it to a point where it can be retrieved at the nearest access point and brought out of the sewer system. If jetting successfully clears the blockage, it often saves unnecessary excavations and costs. Even if we cannot immediately see the blockage, we are able to put a CCTV camera down the line until a blockage is located so that we can make sure the problem is found, after jetting the area will be looked at again to make sure there are no other defects which may cause an obstruction within the line. This method is very useful as it gives an indication of how we can best tackle the problem quickly and efficiently.

How to unblock a gully help guide

How to unblock a gully help video

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