Pest Control

Easaway Environmental has been providing environmentally friendly pest control services throughout Yorkshire for many years, our operatives are fully trained and certified to be able to deal with all manner of pests within the household or business.

Easaway Environmental offer a wide range of pest control services to both domestic homes and commercial premises in Yorkshire, we are focused on getting rid of your pest problem fast. Our services include property de-infestations, wasp nest removal or treatment and many other types of treatments aimed at getting rid of pests.

We recognise that a problem with a pest can have serious implications for your home or business and other dwellings around you. Therefore it is our aim to address every problem quickly, discreetly and with minimal disruption. Particularly with businesses, an unwanted pest can have serious health & safety implications which in the most serious of circumstances can result in a business being shut down.

As one of Yorkshires leading pest control businesses, we have developed and enviable reputation for delivering a quality, reliable and honest service to all domestic and commercial customers. Our team of professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with any unwanted visitors including:

Mice and Rats Infestation Specialists

rat infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Ants and Ant Nest Infestation Specialists

ant infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Fly Infestations Specialists

Fly infestation specialists west yorkshire

Bees Nest Infestation Specialists

bee infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Insect Infestation Specialists

rat infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Wasp Nest Infestation Specialists

wasp infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Flea Infestations Specialists

flea infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Beetle and Insect Infestation Specialists

beetle infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Squirrel Infestations Specialists

squirrel infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Pigeon and Pigeon Nest Infestation

pigeon infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Rodent Infestations Specialists

rodent infestaton specialists west yorkshire

Bird and Birds Nest Infestation Specialists

bird and birds nest infestaton specialists west yorkshire

At Easaway Environmental we are fully aware of the dangers and threats that pests can pose. Rats and mice can spread disease; transmit parasites such as ringworm, tapeworms, ticks and fleas. Being stung by a common wasp or hornet can be a painful experience and in some cases the allergic reaction can be deadly.

Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with pest control and all of our staff are fully qualified professionals in all types of pest control methods. Our operators are trained in the safe use Rodenticides and Insecticides in accordance with MAFF and HSE Codes of Practice and standards.

Whether you have a pest problem that needs emergency attention or want to introduce regular preventative pest control programs, Easaway Environmental will ensure your house, office, shop, farm or warehouse is pest free.

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