Blocked Sinks and Handwash Basins

Easaway Environmental has been providing a 24 hour 7 days a week service to customers around Yorkshire for many years. We offer a vast array of plumbing and drainage services in Yorkshire and unblocking a blocked sink is amongst them.

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A blocked sink is usually caused by debris such as fat, food waste and hair being washed down the sink which builds up over time to cause a blockage within in the internal pipe work infrastructure of the property.

Upon diagnosing a blocked sink, Easaway Environmental will aim

to unblock the sink to solve the problem fast. Our operatives are fully trained and carry all the necessary equipment at all times on their specially equipped vans meaning that works are completed in a timely manner with as less fuss as possible.

How to unblock your Sinks and Gully videos

How to unblock a Gully video

How to unblock a Sink video

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