Blocked Toilets and Urinals

Easaway Environmental is your number one local company in Yorkshire for unblocking a blocked toilet or blocked urinal with minimum fuss and inconvenience to the household or business.

  • Is there a bad smell in the house?
  • Does the toilet overflow when you try to flush it?
  • Are your external drains backing up with waste?
  • Is the urinal overflowing?
  • Is the toilet slow to refill after flushing?
  • Are your external drains overflowing?

These could be all signs that you have a blocked toilet or blocked urinal.

A blocked toilet or blocked urinal not only causes a major inconvenience, but it also carries a major health risk, Easaway Environmental try to respond to all problems as quickly as possible and are available for call out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All Easaway Environmental engineers are professionally trained and experienced in unblocking blocked toilets and blocked urinals. After our customer service call centre staff members have made and appointment to suit your requirements, our engineer will go and diagnose the problem then suggest ways in which the problem can be solved.

Suggested further works my include: clearing the soil stack, plunging, manual rodding or high pressure water jetting the exterior drains and gully’s. If the blocked toilet or blocked urinal waste has overflowed into the bathroom, we will take and effective course of action to remove the waste, clean and disinfect the room.

We will aim to prioritise people with special needs so as to ensure that the repair is done at a time which causes the least amount of inconvenience, where possible we will provide portable toilets upon request.

How to unblock a toilet help guide

How to unblock toilets and urinals video

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