Waste Removal Services

Easaway Environmental provides a range of professional domestic and commercial waste management services including:
• Waste Assessment
• Waste Collection
• Waste Disposal

Easaway Environmental regularly deals with the disposal of waste from catering outlet grease traps, interceptors, septic tanks and car wash areas. The cleaning, emptying and disposal is completed in an environmentally sound manner, using only registered waste disposal sites.

A range of multipurpose tankers designed to pump out domestic and commercial cesspits, cesspools, septic tanks and treatment tanks are also used. Easaway Environmental can provide both an on-demand waste disposal service, or alternatively, can put together a plan to manage waste disposal in the most effective way.

Easaway Environmental aims to ensure that whatever devices are used for cleaning and emptying and collecting and holding waste, that the equipment is fully operational. This will eliminate the risks associated with blockages and from waste overflowing.

Easaway Environmental will provide a waste collection, disposal or equipment maintenance schedule that suits your particular needs. By deploying multipurpose tankers and using jetting and vacuumation techniques, not only can Easaway Environmental provide a wide range of waste management services, but a variety of ancillary services can also be performed including: