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Apart from the fantastic services Easaway Environmental offer we also provide “Help Yourself Videos and Guides” which can be found below.

How to fix a clogged bathtub

How often should a grease trap be emptied

How to Clear a Clogged outside gutter

How to unblock a sink

Septic tank maintenance and emptying

How to unclog a blocked toilet

Our Services:

Crime Scene Cleaning

The threats which can be present at trauma scene clean-ups are now recognized to be considerable, including Hepatitis B and other pathogens. With the recent tightening of health and safety regulations, overseeing specialist clean-ups such as these the threat to health has to be taken into account. We have a statutory duty to ensure the health and safety of those at the scene and anyone who may be affected afterwards. As a consequence, there is a need for an increased level of professionalism of specialist cleaning services, with clients now recognizing that to discharge their responsibilities properly, they should use cleaning operatives who have been correct trained in an accredited training scheme. Easaway is an accredited, National Academy of Crime Scene cleaning company NACAS.


We provide a professional service to deal with a wide range Drainage Issues including: Sink to Sewer un-blocking, Soil Stacks, Excavations and pipe replacement, Repair Burst water mains, High Power water jetting, Guttering, Pipe patch re-line, No Dig solution, CCTV Surveys, Drain Mapping.

Septic Tank Services

Easaway operatives are fully qualified and to deal with septic tank blockages, soak away blockages and septic tank emptying. If your house or business isn’t connected to the mains sewer, your sewage will go to one of the following:

A septic tank – an underground tank where the solids sink to the bottom, and the liquid flows out and soaks into the ground

A small sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) – a part-mechanical system that treats the liquid, so it’s clean enough to go into a river or stream

A cesspool (also called a cesspit) – a sealed tank that collects the sewage

A non-standard system, e.g., a reed bed or an arch trench system

A septic tank typically comprises of two chambers:

Chamber 1:

Sewage and wastewater enter the first chamber

Solids are ‘encouraged’ to settle at the bottom where will be decomposed by the harmful bacteria through anaerobic digestion. A crust will also form on the surface, ensuring the perfect environment for the bacteria to survive.

Chamber 2:

Liquors will flow into the secondary chamber. Smaller suspended particles are again encouraged to settle before the liquors finally exit the tank through to the soak away system into the surrounding environment where any residual impurities are trapped and eliminated in the soil

New Guidelines recommend that Septic Tanks and Cesspool should be emptied once per year.

Needle Removal: Needle Sweeps and disposal

Easaway provide a safe and controlled removal service of needles, syringes and sharp objects which is critical when disposing of this type of waste. If not handled correctly this waste could cause severe infections.

Sharps such as needles, syringes, and blades are often found in bins, toilets and public areas as well as abandoned houses and squats that are used by illegal drug users. The main risk associated with sharps such as needles and syringes is puncture wounds that allow highly infectious blood borne pathogens including Hepatitis B and HIV passed to the individual.

It is therefore imperative that any sightings of sharps are reported immediately and disposed of by a trained professional, disposing of needles, syringes, and hypodermics in a public litter bin or household waste is extremely dangerous.

When removing potentially infectious waste it is essential that the process is carried out safely using the correct needle sweep protection equipment and clothing.

Pest Control

We provide a professional service to deal with a broad range of pests including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Rabbits

Void Cleaning & Clearance

House and Garden Clearance, Void Property Clearance, Life of Grime, biohazard and hoarding clean-up work will NOT be treated as a routine clean-up job. You may be vulnerable to health risks if proper precautions are not taken when working on or in extreme grime or hoarding sites, please seek professional advice before working on such a site.

Asbestos Removal

Cement based Asbestos (none Licenced). Easaway removes Cement Based Asbestos (none Reportable) such as Chrysotile Floor Tiles. The higher risk work with asbestos will be carried out by a licensed contractor, any decision on whether that particular work will be licensed is based on risk assessment. Risk assessments are essential before deciding to remove and Asbestos.

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